Day: July 24, 2020

The CEO of Silver Oak Wine Breaks Down a Winning Ecommerce Strategy All Entrepreneurs Can Use

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David Duncan’s portfolio includes Silver Oak, Twomey and Ovid wineries — brands that any winemaker (and drinker) would kill for. As his company ramps up for the launch of his new winery, Timeless, Duncan shared his thoughts on wine trends during the pandemic, building wine brands digitally and millennial insights for the industry.

On targeting the right audience

“The future of luxury wine are and soon , and they have brought about a new era of ephemeral, limited-edition retail that will become the norm in luxury and craft. The Supreme, streetwear model. What it says, is that the customer looks for brands they can trust to deliver on their needs and values and that they are open to curation from the beyond one specific product. Both luxury and craft are viewed as an experience by these next generations, and so the uniqueness of each limited product enhances the memorability of the experience.”

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On inspiration             

“Our audience knows that across all our wine brands, we only find the best sites, we focus on capturing sense-of-place, and really balance American innovation with French pillars, so they come with us for a journey. Taking our new brand Timeless as

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