Day: July 28, 2020

How Higher Education is a Primary Source of Innovation for Today’s Startups

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Although universities have always had a research function, they have increasingly become the primary source of innovation for many of today’s startups and organizations. Disproving the old cliché about delivering theory over practical solutions, today’s universities attract entrepreneurs who are working on challenging problems with real-world import. These institutions of higher learning are also nurturing more students to become founders themselves. 

Here are some of the ways higher education is taking on a bigger role within the entrepreneurial business environment. 

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Academic incubators

Universities around the world are moving beyond classrooms and libraries to create these unique spaces where industry organizations and businesses work on-site with student founders to fuel new startups. 

According to research from the Review of Economics and Political Science, the growing number of university incubators leads entrepreneurs to develop greater understanding of business relationships, investing, employee mindset and more.

With the vibe of a combined think tank and collaborative workspace, these incubators also offer cafes, labs, mentoring services and conference facilities to emulate the feel of a real-world work environment. In many ways, they are just that. 

For example, UC Berkeley is the site of numerous incubators and accelerators, including LAUNCH, SkyDeck and

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