Day: August 6, 2020

5 Ways to Build Team Culture in a Remote World

Creating a strong company culture for teams working remotely is challenging, but necessary. Here are five tips for successfully building your team’s culture.

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COVID-19 has turned management upside-down, forcing managers of every stripe to reinvent team culture via videoconference and messaging apps. For the extroverted hands-on manager, this new virtual milieu lacks physicality and personal touch. Gone are the handshakes and high-fives that once motivated team performance. 

Without the benefit of water-cooler chats, impromptu huddles and casual social interactions, team members are likely to feel disconnected. Left adrift in a sea of emails and endless virtual meetings, the fun of work is nonexistent. While some workers thrive in this environment, others miss the routine and hustle of a structured workday. Being alone in front of a screen all day can erode confidence and promote feelings of disengagement. Sadly, many team leaders are unaware of this until it impacts their bottom line. 

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As a leader with a remote workforce, you may think the smiling faces you see during videoconferences demonstrate , but is this an accurate indicator of your team’s mood?

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100+ BigCo CEOs Predict Dire Consequences if Congress Fails to Pass Small Business Pandemic Relief

More than 100 current and former top executives at major U.S. companies called on Congress Monday (Aug. 4, 2020) to pass long-term relief to ensure small businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter to congressional leaders of both parties, the CEOs warned of significant consequences to the economy if Congress doesn’t immediately act to save small businesses.

“By Labor Day, we foresee a wave of permanent closures if the right steps are not taken soon,” they wrote. “Allowing small businesses to fail will turn temporary job losses into permanent ones. By year-end, the domino effect of lost jobs — as well as the lost services and lost products that small businesses provide — could be catastrophic.”

Their bill would extend the period for the hardest-hit businesses whose revenues have declined by at least 25 percent to use their paycheck protection funds and meet requirements for loan forgiveness.

In the letter, the CEOs said that legislation should include federally guaranteed loans “that will enable small businesses to transform and sustain themselves through 2020 and well into 2021.”

The company executives said an extension of the Paycheck Protection Program would be helpful, but more significant and sustained support is needed. They call for federally guaranteed loans, at favorable terms, that will enable small businesses to transform and sustain themselves; flexibility in

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