Day: August 24, 2020

How to Email an Investor You’ve Never Met — and Get a Response!

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This story originally appeared on The Successful Founder

It might seem incredible that an unsolicited email from a startup founder to an investor they’ve never met could result in a response, let alone a multimillion-dollar deal, but it does happen. I know because we’ve made investments this way, including one of the most valuable companies in the Storm portfolio, which came to us through a . In this post, I’ll explain the qualities that can make a cold email successful—at least for me.

Target your email appropriately

If you’re thinking about blasting out a mass email to every investor you can find an address for, you’re wasting your own time, not to mention that of any potential investors. If I see a message that I can tell has been sent or Bcc’d to 3000 other investors, I’ll probably delete it without reading, as I imagine you would too.

We all get a ton of email and drawing from my own inbox as an example, I get a shocking number of emails from entrepreneurs who shouldn’t have targeted me for whatever reason. For starters, it’s no secret that my focus is B2B SaaS; if you’re working on a life sciences or consumer product , I wouldn’t know how to build that

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