Day: August 26, 2020

Check Your Bias When it Comes to Working Mothers

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“And who stays with your son in the afternoon?” the nurse had asked, furiously pecking away at the keyboard as she captured all the answers to her questions at that annual physical checkup. What is he eating these days? Does he nap in the afternoon? When is he starting school full time?

“With our nanny,” I had replied, helping him put his shoes back on.

“Not with you?” the nurse had asked, surprised. 

“Umm, no, I work and so….”

“Ohhh.” A long pause. Her eyebrows arched high, and a judgmental smile slowly crept across her face.

“The doctor will see you now. You can head into the Dora the Explorer room.”

I felt the steam rising from my face as I managed to gather myself, my child and my bag, which was overflowing with granola bars, fruit snacks, crayons, paper, a water bottle — anything he might need. All the while I was wondering: How is the question of who stays with my child in the afternoons relevant to the annual checkup?

Today, August 26, marks the 100th anniversary of the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment. Today is about celebrating women’s right to vote (though women of color were not able to vote until much

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