Day: September 4, 2020

10 Positive Leadership Books to Motivate and Inspire You During Difficult Times

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This year has been defined by bad news for most of us. While watching and reading the news has been a negative experience for years, it often seems there is more uncertainty and divisiveness than ever before.

In this environment, we need to intentionally seek out positive resources that will inspire us, motivate us to improve, and lead others to grow alongside us.

Here are 10 books that will help you build positive improvement into your life. They have helped me through the highs and lows of 2020.

In 2015, CEO and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Robert Glazer started sending a note to his team of 40 each Friday. Today, that same weekly note, Friday Forward, is read by over 200,000 leaders in more than 60 countries. This book is a curated collection of the 52 most impactful stories from the series, organized in a framework that will help you set and achieve your own goals and inspire others in the process. Glazer has shown that small actions can become highly impactful movements over time — in Friday Forward, he’ll help you make an inspiring impact on the people in your life.

As many people encountered unprecedented personal and professional struggles in 2020,

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Wealth management: Deutsche Bank advisers launch Deposit Solutions marketplace

Deutsche Bank will become the first big bank to systemically distribute deposits from rival banks through its branch network and wealth management business, in another shift towards open banking in Europe.

The move comes as Deutsche Bank seeks to improve its client offering and fee income at a time when banks – especially in Germany – are facing a stark choice between charging negative rates to depositors or suffering even lower net interest margins.

Germany’s biggest bank, which has a loan-to-deposit ratio of about 75%, is the single-largest holder of excess reserves at the European Central Bank (ECB), according to research by JPMorgan.

Deutsche bought 5% of deposit-marketplace fintech Deposit Solutions in September, the same month that the ECB cut its deposit rate to -0.5%.


It made the platform available on a white-labelled basis with the launch of its Zinsmarkt deposit offering two-and-half years ago, initially through its in-house online broker Maxblue, but previously only on a self-directed basis.

Now Deutsche is moving beyond the test phase, launching active distribution of Zinsmarkt at branch level, and to wealth management clients – in other words, to those most likely to be charged negative rates.

This allows clients to deposit in third-party banks without leaving Deutsche Bank’s online portal. The branch and wealth management salesforce have been trained to

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