Day: September 5, 2020

10 Side Hustle Skills You Can Master During This Labor Day Weekend

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Learning new skills is a crucial part of anyone’s career development, but it’s especially important for entrepreneurs who want to scale their companies. If you’re looking for something to do this socially-distant Labor Day weekend, why not learn a valuable new skill? We’ve rounded up some of the best courses on the web that you can take now.

Photography – Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification

Photography may sound more like a hobby, but it can also be a valuable resource for your design team. Photos are a lot cheaper when they’re your own! This course will help you get the most out of a DSLR camera and photo editing programs.

Dive into the world of photography with the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification for $16.15 with promo code: GOFORIT15. 

Accounting – The 2020 Accounting Mastery Bootcamp Bundle

This 42-hour bundle is an entrepreneur’s dream. You’ll learn accounting and finance for non-finance professionals and how to maintain clean, responsible books. There’s even a course dedicated to payroll.

Learn to balance the books with the 

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Why do perfect CFD trading plans fail?

Have you noticed that many wonderful strategies fail initially? Traders spend significant time improving the outcomes yet the result remains the same. It seems like a vicious cycle of failure but if explored, this can provide important insight into why a plan fails. Currency trading, being the largest financial sector, still faces backlashes from the community due to its complexities. Only a few amounts of traders are successful to generate profit. Given the volatility, experts fail frequently to predict the future price. In this context, losing may seem natural. However, a person should always make financially sound decisions. Sometimes it would require risks but this is all part of trading. You cannot succeed without taking risks.

Before participating, the brokers advertise every to let potential customers inform investments are subject to market risks. Still, when planning fails, an individual must know the possible reasons. This material will focus on such concepts. By reading this post, people will know a few reasons behind their losses.

Not having advanced tools

Some novice Singaporean traders become skilled within a short time. But they forget the fact, the broker selection is an important part of CFD trading business. Navigate here and see the features of Saxo. You get a brief idea about the advanced tools which can improve the performance. Instead of using … Read More

How a Personal Mess Became a Passionate Message for This Entrepreneur

The founder and CEO of IDLife is re-inventing the vitamin industry.

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In this ongoing series, we are sharing advice, tips and insights from real entrepreneurs who are out there doing business battle on a daily basis. (Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.)

Who are you and what’s your business?

My name is Logan Stout, and I am the founder and CEO of IDLife. IDLife stands for “individually designed life,” because we believe that the uniqueness of each individual should be honored and that their individual nutritional needs are as unique as they are. We have an entire line of high-quality lifestyle products that provide real solutions for weight loss, sleep, children’s nutrition, fitness, skincare and more.

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What inspired you to create this product? What was your “aha moment”? 

Have you ever sat in a doctor’s office with your spouse and been told you can never have children? My wife and I have…several times. The feeling of helplessness and hopelessness is something I pray no one ever has to experience. Lucky for us, we found a specialist who educated us on why we were

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Foreign exchange: Banks deal with volatility from home

Since the global financial crisis, most FX markets have enjoyed a decade of extremely low volatility. While there have been initiatives around regulatory compliance, the market has otherwise been quiet, with volatility touching all-time lows as recently as January, exacerbated by a depressed yield curve.

Clients simply had less need to trade in that kind of environment, explains Jason Vitale, global head of FX at BNY Mellon Markets.

Jason Vitale, BNY Mellon

“There will always be commercial and payment flows in the spot market, but FX as an asset class, or directional hedging activity, had been depressed since the middle of last year in particular.”

Now it’s different. Equity markets have been left reeling from big sell-offs since the end of January, but FX volumes have rocketed.

Integral reported a 40% increase in average daily volumes in March (driven mainly by euro trading); FX spot volumes on CLS jumped 24% in February; and CME Group’s FX average daily volume reached its highest ever level.

Before January there had been some debate among banks as to whether the benign market was a cyclical or structural trend, but everything changed once details of the coronavirus emerged.

Fast forward two months, and volatility is at elevated levels and clients who did little or no FX trading last year are suddenly spending a lot

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