Day: September 11, 2020

The small businesses of 9/11

A version of this essay by founder Rex Hammock first appeared on on September 11, 2014.

In addition to the emotional responses we all experienced while watching the horror of 9/11/2001 unfold, I, like many small business owners, was overwhelmed with sympathy for the hundreds of small business owners and their employees whose companies, shops, and restaurants were inside and in the shadow of the Twin Towers.

Photos like the iconic one showing people fleeing the area — running by small shops and eateries — have stuck with me as vividly as the more graphic and horrid shots from that day.

For business purposes, I had been in the Twin Towers several times before 2001, but other than the towers and Wall Street, I was not familiar with the surrounding neighborhood.

For seven years after 9/11, I had a daughter who lived adjacent to the 9/11 Memorial Plaza. I’ve spent several days walking throughout the neighborhood that rose up from ashes to become an awe-inspiring tribute to those who died that day; and to the resilience of New York City, the region, and the nation.

The photo on the right was shot at about the same location as the 2001 photo (using Google Maps’ Street View). It captures the vibrancy you can feel today among the shops located

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4 Essential Rhythms for a Happy Business

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We all know bad singing when we hear it. Without proper melody and pitch, the song simply doesn’t work.

A distinct beat, hypnotic timing and a synchronized pattern — that’s what works.  A well-executed serves as the base and backdrop, the foundation of good . It pulls us in and leaves us wanting more.

There’s a similar rhythm to successful, happy businesses. But it’s one too many of us are trying to sing without.

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes push beyond our capabilities. In the drive to achieve certain goals, we make commitments that tend to overwhelm our available resources. We go too fast, say yes too often and pull too many over-nighters. Then, before we know it, we’ve dulled our , compromised our health and possibly even damaged our finances.

How do we get back in harmony? We reset our rhythm.

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Here are four essential rhythms — strong patterns not hardline rules — that if repeated regularly and consistently, will help our businesses flow better.

1. Peace

If you’ve been feeling out of sync, maybe you’re lacking the peace of mind that comes from living out your .

Determine, in

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