Month: September 2020

4 Free Tips to Get Your Business to Show Up on Google Maps

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is still the King, Queen and court jester of online search. Sure,  and are trying to carve out their own slice of the search pie, but as of July 2019, Google dominated over 90 percent of all search queries. When someone does a for a product or service, they are demonstrating intent and motivation. The beauty of searches based on intent is that this traffic can be free. Paid keyword advertising works, but it isn’t the only way to get clicks and customers. Ever notice how some businesses and entrepreneurs are always just below the paid ads on , while others don’t ever show up? Those that get displayed do four things to their profile better than everyone else.

Before we get into the four specific tasks, it’s important to know that your business will not appear on Google Maps unless you establish a (GMB) profile for each and every location. Google the phrase “Google My Business” to find a direct link to set up your GMB profile. It is connected to your Google account.

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If you are establishing a brand

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9 Social Impact Models That Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

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As a leader, I try to positively impact my whenever possible. Whether its youth programs, gender equity, career coaching, or anti-violence, we (Complete SET agency) create educational themed events as well as donate portions of revenue to . Cause models like this, whether grassroots or multinational, are increasingly important for businesses, large and small, to have at their operational core. Ensuring that your is creating a positive impact is a necessary competitive advantage. In fact, a 2018 Conecomm survey found that 78 percent of Americans now expect companies to go beyond profits and to also positively impact society. Social impact is a broad term that refers to the positive change businesses have on their community. A company’s emphasis on a level of , or CSR, can be an integral part of making your business more appealing to clients, employees, vendors, and investors.

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I spoke with Harrie Bakst, co-founder of WCPG, a leading firm that specializes in and consumer engagement with teams, leagues, athletes, celebrities, and brands. “As we move ahead in a new world, cause marketing and social responsibility for brands have gone from being an add-on to a must-have

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4 Ways Gratitude Helps Entrepreneurs Right Now

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In business, the return on investment (ROI) for your money is valued in terms of the ratio between your net profit and the cost of investment.  A financial analyst quickly calculates this value which generally reflects success, failure and or progress on the part of an entrepreneur or investor. 

The ROI for and well-being, for entrepreneurs, investors and us all alike, is not as easily calculable. There is plenty of research in health and medicine that discusses how to improve health, regain health and sustain good health. A clear takeaway from the research on is that gratitude supports well-being in terms of physical, mental, emotional and social health, especially in the time of coronavirus.  In other words, the ROI for well-being from expressing gratitude is particularly strong at this time.

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What are the benefits of expressing gratitude?  There are at least 4 perks of expressing gratitude that promote health and well-being.

1. Expressing gratitude strengthens our relationships

In a study demonstrating that gratitude strengthens relationships, the researchers write, “Relationships with others who are responsive to our whole self — our likes and dislikes, our needs and preferences — can help us get through difficult times

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Survey: 1,600 Small Business Owners See Hope Beyond the Challenges of 2020

After a decade of economic growth, 2020 has been one of the most challenging times small businesses in the U.S. have faced in modern times. A global pandemic. Nearly 200,000 U.S. deaths, and rising. Crashing segments of the economy. Cultural reckoning relating to racial injustice. Tornados. Hurricanes. Forest fires. Job losses. Unemployment. And the closure of tens of thousands of businesses.

Yesterday, QuickBooks released the findings of a survey of 1,600 current and prospective small business owners on what they expect their futures to be.

One finding is especially promising — for all generations of small businesses: The future of small businesses includes hope.

Download the Report (PDF)

The Future, as Predicted by Today’s Small Business Owners

23% | Working at home
The percentage of small businesses that will have a 100% remote workforce by next year

28% | Online sales boom
The percentage of small businesses that are selling more products and services online this year

94% | Coronavirus
Percentage of small businesses who say coronavirus influenced that change

86% | Rapid innovation
Percentage of small businesses that have developed new products and services this year have done so as a result of the coronavirus

45% | Surviving tough times
Of those surveyed, the percentage who applied for a government-backed relief program this year

61% | Percentage of applicants

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Planning a Strategic Pivot

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“It’s not going away, and we have to face that reality.” That’s what the CEO and founder of a high-tech manufacturing startup with 180 employees told his in early July to convince them they needed a strategic pivot to address COVID-19.

Previously, the startup’s executives took things one step at a time, putting out the various COVID-related fires that flared up: supply chain disruptions, canceled orders, employees having difficulties with work-from-home setups or needing flex-time to manage kids or elderly relatives.

Seeing more of the broad picture, the CEO realized the company was going in the wrong direction. One of the board members recommended my recently-published book on strategic pivoting to adapt to COVID and plan for the post-pandemic recovery.

After a quick read, the CEO convinced the other leadership team that the company needed to do a strategic pivot to address COVID. He had his executive assistant contact me and arrange for a facilitated strategic retreat dedicated to addressing the pandemic, which became my sixth of nine such engagements thus far. This article summarizes my experiences helping a range of companies — five startups, three established middle-markets and a business unit of a Fortune 300 company — pivot for our new abnormal

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This Year, SBA’s Small Business Week Goes All Virtual | 2020

As part of this year’s National Small Business Week, the U.S. Small Business Administration will host an “all virtual” event. Next week’s events (September 22-24, 2020) will include numerous educational panels providing retooling and innovative practices for the nation’s small businesses who are seeking to “pivot and recover, contributing to a stronger economy,” according to the SBA.

The National Small Business Week event schedule includes three days recognizing America’s outstanding entrepreneurs, shining a spotlight on the nation’s 30 million small businesses across the country. The event will also recognize the national award winners, including the naming of the National Small Business Person of the Year.

Information about and free registration to the streaming sessions can be found here: SBA.GOV/NSBA

Tuesday, September 22, 1 p.m. EDT 

Pride in America’s Small Businesses

Day’s events include | National Small Business Week Welcome
SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza | Keynote Address

National Small Business Week Awards Presentations

Wednesday, September 23, 9 a.m. EDT

Preparing for a stronger tomorrow: Recovery, Adaptation, and Innovation

Day’s events include | Panel Discussion Series | America’s Strength, Learning to Pivot and Innovate

Mid-day Sessions | SBA’s Veteran Resources and Veteran Success Story Videos

Thursday, September 24, 9 a.m. EDT 

Preparing for a stronger tomorrow: Recovery, Adaptation, and Innovation

Day’s events include |Panel Discussion

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