Day: October 30, 2020

Retailers and Customers Prepare for Holidays, 2020

How are consumers and retailers preparing for holiday gift-giving during a global pandemic? According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), consumers have demonstrated their resilience and adaptability throughout these extraordinary times, says NRF CEO Matthew Shay. “Looking ahead to the holiday season, retailers will ensure that their stores are safe for both customers and employees as we all prepare to celebrate family and friends during this special time of the year. Purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones is a way for consumers to shift focus from the uncertainty and stress of the pandemic to celebrating the holidays and the promise of our return to a better tomorrow.”

$997.79 | Average amount of spending families will pay on gifts, holiday items such as decorations and food, and additional “non-gift” purchases for themselves and their families, according to an annual survey released recently conducted by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics.

-$8 | Consumer spending on gifts is on par with last year, decreasing by only about $8. And holiday items like decorations are actually up slightly.

42% | Percentage of shoppers who say they plan to start their holiday shopping by the end of October.

41% | Percentage of shoppers who say they plan to start their holiday shopping by the end of November.

19% | Holiday

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This 17-Year-Old Recovered From Coronavirus, and Then Started COVID Candies to Help Fight It

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Hudson Hale is, by his own account, young and “really healthy.” But when he contracted Covid-19 in early September, it still took a toll. “I lost my taste for about a week and a half,” the 17-year-old Portland, Oregon high schooler and COVID Candies creator recounts during a Zoom call. Behind him, Hale’s laboratory-like basement workspace is bedecked with design sketches, a framed New Yorker cover and copious notes scribbled in neon green on a translucent dry-erase board. “And I was super nauseous throughout, and I had kind of a mild headache, always kind of in the back of my head.” 

He wasn’t alone in the Hale household. His mother, who experienced similar symptoms, also fell ill with the virus, as did his little sister. His father, who isolated from the family, was the only one spared. 

But the ordeal got Hale’s gears turning. He is, by his own admission, “naturally someone who’s happier when I’m busy,” adding, “I can’t really stand it when I’m occupied in my own mind and slacking off.” He gets that from his folks — mom owns a restaurant chain and dad runs a house-building company — but also admires iconic innovators like (in his crisp black hoodie, Hale calls to mind a hybrid of Jobs and

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