Day: November 18, 2020

Why Seller Financing Could Save Your Acquisition Deal From Disaster

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When it’s time to sell your , you know it in your gut. You might feel burnt-out, anxious or long for a fresh start. However the feeling manifests, you must act on it quickly. Things move at warp speed in startup land. If you want the best acquisition deal, you need to move equally fast. 

But not all potential buyers have the capital for an acquisition or the means of raising it. They might be waiting on bank financing, a loan from the (Small Business Administration) or simply for their coffers to fill. So what do you do? Trade a sale now for one in the future when your valuation might not be so secure? 

Although a cash sale is usually preferred, seller financing opens the door to buyers who don’t have the funds for a cash purchase. With a bigger buyer pool, you stand a better chance of at the right price, at the  and to the right buyer. So let’s take a look at what seller financing means and how it could help you. 

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What is seller financing?

In some ways, seller financing is just like any financing. Instead of selling

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Target, Lowe’s, Apple, Boeing, Pfizer & more

Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Target, Lowe’s, Apple, Boeing, Pfizer & more

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What It Is — And Strategies to Overcome

Losing a job is tough no matter what. Add a pandemic into the mix, and now millions of Americans are out of work for months at a time, creating a surge in long-term unemployment.

For most out-of-work folks, it’s taking about 21 weeks to find a new job, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But for a record-breaking number of Americans, good replacement jobs are scarce, and it’s taking them much longer than that.

Even as the overall unemployment rate drops each month, large sectors of the economy such as hospitality, events, performing arts, and many others haven’t rebounded.

Some time between jobs is to be expected since you’ll want to find a good match. But once you’re unemployed for such a long period of time, it can have a cascading effect.

“In general, the longer somebody is unemployed, the harder it is for them to find new work,” said Michele Evermore, a senior policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project.

Harder, but not impossible. Experts say no reasonable hiring manager is going to hold coronavirus-related unemployment against you. However, the economic situation might put you into some fierce competition on the job hunt.

We’ll cover exactly what long-term unemployment means and what you can do to recover if you find yourself in

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