Day: January 19, 2021

How to Come Up With Story Ideas People Actually Want to Read

15+ min read

The number of stories published on the every day, on blogs and magazine websites, is pretty unfathomable. On WordPress alone, 70 million blog posts were published every month of 2020. We live in a time in which having an online “voice” is vital to positioning yourself as someone worth listening to. Whether you’re an expert, thought leader, entertainer or simply a business owner trying to set your brand apart from the pack — you need to put yourself out there to show you’re an authority with something to say, or to engage with a prospective audience. However, the reality is that most people creating content are not trained writers, journalists or storytellers, so they haven’t been taught how to develop a story angle that feels fresh, or to structure a compelling , or to write headlines that pull people in. On top of that, there are rarely editors vetoing or improving their articles — a sounding board relationship that is necessary for even the best writers. At publications where there are editors, they’re often expected to publish so many stories a day that it’s hard for them to find time to make each story the best it can possibly be. Not to be too bleak, but all of this has resulted in

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