Day: January 29, 2021

How Success Happened for Nate Checketts, Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone

Nate Checketts is turning Rhone into a major player in the performance lifestyle category.

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Nate Checketts, Co-Founder and CEO of Rhone, is a master brand builder and someone who is creating something much larger than a clothing brand. Simply put, Rhone is committed to the committed — those guided by principle, driven to succeed, devoted to family, and who refuse to settle. I recently got the opportunity to speak with Nate for an episode of How Success Happens where we dove into the success behind the performance lifestyle brand. 

Listen to Nate on the How Success Happens Podcast

Rhone was founded on the ethos of ‘Forever Forward,’ to get up every time you fall and improve each and every day, and this is communicated in everything that they do. Nate’s goal for Rhone has always been “how can we add value?” and make a positive impact in this world. 

Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic that’s wreaking havoc on many businesses, Rhone has continued to lead the way during these challenging times but that’s not to say the brand didn’t have to

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