Day: February 2, 2021

5 Ways to Transform Your Business into a Sustainable One

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If there’s one thing that’s come out of the ongoing political debate around climate change or the Green New Deal legislative proposal, it’s a growing recognition of how important sustainability is as a practice. 

Individual action is certainly an important first step toward creating a more environmentally friendly global society, but it won’t be enough. Corporate contributions are also essential. To put it bluntly, the world needs across-the-board action from both individuals and businesses on sustainability.

Sound, practical actions that help preserve and protect our environment are good for the bottom line. A 2017 survey showed that customers increasingly like sustainable brands and consider corporate environmentalism an important part of their purchase decision-making. A 2016 survey by Cone Communications found 64 percent of millennial respondents said they wouldn’t take a job at a company that didn’t display commitment to sustainability

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Sustainability is more than plopping a bin in the copier and break rooms (although those are good starting points). It’s about a committed approach to building a different kind of culture and mindset throughout your company. Business owners should go beyond giving and green investing. Make your business a

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