Day: February 6, 2021

How To Use Artificial Intelligence To Boost Your Small Business

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A short time ago getting started with AI () was unmanageable for startups and small businesses. It required a highly skilled data scientist and experts experimenting with algorithms. But in a very short amount of time things have changed. AI that can recognize objects in images, understand documents and texts, and make high accuracy predictions on your user data can now be done in a few hours and without coding.

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What happened?

The same thing that happened to making websites. Back in the day you always needed a developer when you needed a website. Today many websites are made by almost drag and drop with services like Wix and Squarespace. Large or complicated websites are still made by developers but for the creating a website only takes a few hours of choosing between templates and moving sections around.

The same is happening to AI. Since most artificial intelligence is almost always based on the same few standard algorithms, automating the process of developing AI was pretty straightforward, meaning that you are now able to make AI basically by drag and drop. Like the websites, the complicated solutions

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