Day: April 9, 2021

How Covid-19 Has Modified Procuring Worldwide, And Down the Avenue

“(Customers) rely more on the internet to research and discover products to buy. For example, search interest for products like the “best exercise bikes,” “best ring lights” and “best air fryers” increased by 100% or more in the last year. Shoppers don’t just turn to Google for things they want to buy on the web; they also use Google to find what they need nearby. Over the past year, we’ve seen a significant increase in commercial intent across Google including Google Search, Google Maps and YouTube,”

Igor Liskovets
Google director online to offline ad solutions

Shopping Nearby with Google Search

Whether it’s to support small businesses in their community or ensure a nearby store has the item they need in stock, consumers are using Google Search to research their shopping trips in advance. 

Here are some examples of the phenomena.

  • Searches for “local” + “business(es)” have grown by more than 80% year over year, including searches like “local businesses near me” and “support local businesses.”
  • Searches for “who has” + “in stock” have grown by more than 8,000% year over, including searches like “who has nintendo switch in stock” and “who has gym equipment in stock.”

Google has seen an increase in online research before heading out to a restaurant or to get takeout.

At Google, the company recently found

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