Day: September 7, 2021

What the Legislation of Gravity Can Train Us About Capitalism and Social Enterprise

Like gravity, capitalism retains issues rooted — motivating us to be taught, create and continuously enhance.

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Numerous unhealthy issues occur due to the Earth’s gravity. A glass falls and smashes. Somebody journeys and breaks his or her hip. A airplane drops out of the sky and crashes right into a fiery ball. If we may solely cancel gravity, we’d keep away from all these tragedies.

In the identical manner, capitalism is blamed for lots of ills in our society. Consider all of the horrible actions which might be spurred on by people’ limitless need for revenue: youngster sweatshops, exorbitant costs for life-saving drugs, unaffordable housing, addictive medication and air pollution to call a number of. So nice is the checklist of social dysfunction that some counsel we dump capitalism altogether.

However canceling capitalism — or gravity — isn’t an answer. Neither is it an possibility. For all their drawbacks, each gravity and capitalism maintain issues rooted. Think about a world with out gravity. Certain, nobody would break a hip, however nothing else would keep in place. Crops couldn’t develop. Strolling down the road could be inconceivable. Oceans

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