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    How a Profit and Loss Exercise Got My Freelance Business on Track

    Lindsey Davis participated in a profit and loss exercise to look at her business expenses, and she found that she was spending more than she was paying herself. Photo courtesy of Lindsey Danis “You don’t have any more deductions?” the accountant asked me. I’d always done my own taxes, working through my self-employment income with help from TurboTax, but I agreed to see him when my wife wanted an independent check on our finances. We weren’t paying a ton in taxes, but we also suspected we were paying more than we needed to. The accountant’s advice? “You need to spend more on your business if you want to lower what…

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    What You Should Do as These 8 Coronavirus Relief Programs End

    For many of us, the end of 2020 can’t come soon enough. But if you’re among the millions of people who’ve leaned on pandemic relief programs to stave off an economic hardship, you might be eying the end of the year with some trepidation as those programs’ deadlines draw near. The $2.2 trillion CARES Act was passed back in March, and some of the programs have received extensions through the end of the year. But so far, many of those programs have uncertain futures beyond 2020. We’ve sifted through the various programs to check on the end dates, potential extensions and what you can do before their deadlines arrive. 8…

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    Options for Teacher Student Loan Forgiveness

    Loan forgiveness is a trade-off. It’s about incentivizing graduates to work in low paying or otherwise undesirable positions in exchange for erasing or significantly reducing their student loan balance. Without these programs, important community institutions would be severely understaffed. If you’re a teacher or education student reading this, those criteria probably sound familiar. Many school districts struggle to fully staff their schools, especially when it comes to certain positions. Loan forgiveness programs are one of the best ways for them to attract job candidates and retain them for long enough to make an impact. Teachers have several options when it comes to loan forgiveness. Here’s what you should know about…

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    6 Fitness Gifts for Health Enthusiasts

    Got a health and fitness enthusiast to shop for this holiday season? Look no further than this list, which includes workout class subscriptions, meal plans, state-of-the-art equipment and more. All items are great for building healthy habits — and they’re all on sale for a limited time. 6 Fitness Gifts for Health Enthusiasts The items on this list are suitable for a variety of fitness interests. You can get up to 98{a87f602f9b65d268d2531d6307ed39cfde24e475374069973d0be7fc923da513} off the valued price. 1. iBodyFit Premium Diet & Workout Plan: Lifetime Subscription The iBodyFit Premium Diet and Workout Plan helps users take charge of their health and fitness. This lifetime subscription includes 400 online workouts and 40…

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    4 Reasons to Show Gratitude for Financial Blessings in 2020

    Ahhh 2020 — what a year! If you’re like most people, 2020 has not gone quite as you expected it, way back in January. Tens of millions of people (or more) have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, either physically, emotionally, or financially. And while there have been various programs offered both by federal, state, and local governments and private companies, there’s no doubt that many people’s finances have taken a hit this year. READ MORE: How to Protect Your Finances During Challenging Times Still, with 2020 coming to an end (finally!), it’s time to take a look back and count your blessings. Here are a few reasons that, no…

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    Gratitude in A Difficult Year

    This year took so many twists and turns we haven’t been able to keep count– often leaving us in complete overwhelm with a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. Grief, anxiety, and sheer disappointment are just a handful that comes to mind when we reflect on the endless amount of curveballs life has thrown over the past year. Tragedy and loss plagued the entire world, leaving us speechless day after day. Despite the darkness that loomed for what seems like an eternity there has been an outpour of positives that we can’t forget to remember. As 2020 quickly comes to a close, let’s take the time to decompress and reflect on…

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