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Easy Budget App Functions (4 Things You Didn’t Know a Budget App Could Do)

Budgeting is simpler with a mobile app.

Budget apps make managing finances a lot easier. Where budget software for your home computer took away the burden of keeping track of everything on paper, budget apps make the software portable. Now you don’t have to be at home to see your monthly budget and all of your accounts at a glance.

There are many features that make’s mobile budget app handy, but here are four of the most beneficial.

Mint’s Apps Work with Smartphones and Tablets at the Same Time

Know what’s great about a budget app on your smartphone or tablet? Portability. Never let your money out of your sight with’s mobile budget app, and you’ll find there are fewer surprises every month. Better still, how about an app on one phone and another on a tablet? They all work together.

You don’t have to be on the go for the mobile app to come in handy. Personal finance is important on a shopping trip, of course, but you might also want to keep tabs on you accounts from the comfort of a hammock in the backyard. Wherever your mobile device can go, so can your budget.

Alerts Let You Know What’s Happening with Your Money

Bill coming due? You’ll never have to worry about missing a payment, or making one late because you forgot once’s alerts are set and ready to go. You can set an alert for almost anything that you need to remember, and you can also receive alerts for things you weren’t aware of in the first place.

Alerts let you know when an account balance gets too low (or too high), when you’ve spent more than you budgeted for, when bills are coming due, if one of your accounts charges a fee, or if there is ever any unusual activity on an account.

Keep track as you shop and never go overbudget again.

4 Easy Budget App FunctionsCash Transactions aren’t Left Out of the Budget Party

Credit card transactions are easy to track. Make a purchase using a card, and your accounts automatically reflect it in’s software. But what if you sometimes use cash? is smart. Cash transactions are easy to track too, but they take a small amount of time.

When you spend cash, quickly and easily keep your budget up to date by entering the transaction on the spot using the mobile app. Because everything is connected, what you enter on your smartphone will be visible on your home computer immediately.

Experiment to See How Decisions Might Impact Your Budget

Thinking about making a large purchase or adding more money into savings? lets you try out decisions to see how they would impact the rest of your budget. This is a zero commitment way to move money around, which can help you decide whether it’s a good idea.

Using graphs, lets you see how additional savings every month would add up at the end of the year, and it also reveals what your budget would look like if you bought a big ticket item that you’ve got your eye on.

Know Your Finances are Safe with

There’s an awful lot of personal information in your budget. Account numbers and balances, investments, and practically anything related to your finances can be included. But there’s no reason to worry about security. thought of that, too.

Your account is password protected. Mint’s practices are verified by TRUSTe and VeriSign, and they are also supported by RSA Security. But wait, there’s more! Everything that you see from balances to graphs and charts is read-only. You can’t transfer funds from your checking into savings, close any accounts, or do anything else with your money, and no one else can, either.

With all of these benefits, you might think couldn’t get much better, but it does. All of this and more is free, which fits in any budget.

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