How John Krasinski Grew ‘Some Good News’ Into Some Even Greater News?

We’ve been a fan of the actor John Krasinski since the first episode of The Office. So it’s no surprise that we enjoyed his Coronavirus-era “home-made” (as in, “made at home”) on-demand, streaming video called “Some Good News.” Just how did Krasinski do it? We found the answer from contributor Steve King at and on Twitter: @smallbizlabs.

Fast Company’s recent feature, “Meet John Krasinski’s secret weapon that helped make ‘Some Good News’ a hit‘ explores how Krasinski used Communo, an online creative talent marketplace, to find and engage his post-production team.  

The Good News Team

There are now eight episodes and the series was sold to ViamcomCBS for a reported $100 million +.  Pretty good for a couple of months’ work, although many fans are unhappy that Krasinski sold the show

Some things jumped out at us about this story:

  • Krasinski was able to scale up a very successful, professionally produced TV show in just weeks using distributed nonemployee labor.  
  • “Some Good News” bypassed the traditional media gatekeepers by using YouTube and going directly to consumers.  
  • All the players involved are very small geographically distributed firms or independent workers who collaborate on this project. 

Of course, the show’s success would have been much less likely – and probably not possible – without the talent and star power of John Krasinski. 

But the show’s success still illustrates how teams of distributed, independent workers and small firms can quickly form and produce world-class results.  

And this is not just happening in creative fields. It’s happening in almost all industries and professions. 

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