Mineral Makeup Advantages
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Mineral Makeup Advantages

There are many advantages to using mineral makeup. Found out why you should use bare minerals makeup!

Reason 1: Low Moisture
One of the biggest advantages of using bare minerals makeup is that because mineral makeup contains no moisture it will not allow bacteria to form and multiply. Mineral makeup is made up entirely of dry minerals in a powder form. You may have noticed that regular makeup has an expiration date on it. Can you guess why? It’s because standard makeup is made with oils and other liquids that are full of moisture and are practically a breeding ground for bacteria. Mineral makeup obviously does not have this problem. There is also another benefit of the lack of moisture in mineral makeup… it will last much longer! You see, Maklon Kosmetik when you sweat or oil from your skin comes into contact with traditional makeup, it increases the moisture that’s already in the makeup and causes it to pretty much drip off of your face. Mineral makeup on the other hand, does not have this problem. Because it is a dry powder, it is able to safely absorb this extra moisture and will last all day long!

Reason 2: Healthy Skin
Did you know that traditional makeup contains perfumes, dyes, and other chemicals that are harmful to your skin? Many makeups even contain a chemical to make you look younger… do you know how it makes you look younger? It is designed to remove the top layer of your skin! Mineral makeup is make from pure natural minerals that come straight from the earth. It does not contain any of these harmful chemicals. Also, because it is a dry powder and does not promote the growth of bacteria, it can also help prevent breakouts and irritation. Another benefit of bare minerals makeup is that it acts as a natural sunscreen, blocking harmful UV rays. Many people who have used mineral makeup have reported an increase in skin health, even when they have only used it for a brief period.

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