Residential and Commercial Security Comes in Many Forms

We all value our safety, and we hope that the people that build and maintain our homes and offices do, too. Fortunately, there are many things we can look for to make sure that the places we trust are safe havens.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the top factors to consider if you are planning to rent an apartment or commercial space. This is especially important in areas of high crime where robbery prevention is crucial. Your system should not only include video and audio monitoring, but it should also have an automatic door lock and release system, which can keep people in or out. Ideally, your video surveillance system will also back up files to the cloud instantly so that there will be a record of criminal activity in case burglars remove the cameras.

Access Control

Access control is an electronic system that restricts and grants access to a building. You have likely seen these in the form of key fobs or even as an electronic key issue to your mobile device. Access control systems usually use radio control signals to control electromagnetic fields on interior and exterior doors. Access is given at a central point of command by an administrator and usually takes us back instantly once credentials are issued.


Lighting, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office, is a “psychological deterrent to criminal activity.”  While lighting can’t physically prohibit someone from committing a crime, when lights are combined with a video surveillance system, criminals are less likely to make your home or business a target as they know their chances of being caught and prosecuted are greatly elevated. Lighting is especially important between buildings, alleyways, and parking garages. An added benefit of having a properly lit location is that there may be fewer accidents and injuries, especially where visual obstructions can’t be helped.

Fire Suppression System

According to Keystone Fire And Security, businesses are required to install a sprinkler system if they are larger than 5000 square feet. Even if you plan to move into a small condo, ask about smoke detection and fire suppression, which may save your life. If you’re a business or homeowner, you’ll likely get a better rate on your property insurance if you have these types of features installed. At the very least, your office or apartment should have hard-wired smoke detectors that send an alert to a monitoring company if a problem is detected.

Community Closeness

Your community is a huge influencing factor in the safety of both yourself and everyone in your proximity. Make sure that your building supervisors or leasing companies foster a sense of community. This does not matter if you are in a residential or commercial setting, when everyone has an opportunity to get to know each other, you can watch each other’s backs to deter potential criminal activity and safety hazards. This is especially important in a residential environment if you do not have a dedicated security officer on site all the time. A good way to determine the closeness of the community is to look for a Facebook page that only residents are allowed to join.

Building Maintenance

Many people don’t think about building maintenance from a safety standpoint. However, things like quickly cleaning up spills, proper ventilation, and repairing communal features, such as the elevator and the playground fence, can help keep the building safer and healthier for everyone. You’ll also want to look to see if the parking lot is in good order. Potholes can not only cause damage to your vehicle, but they can also lead to sprained ankles, back injuries, and cuts and bruises.

Ultimately, building safety is not one single action. It is a combination of many different things, including video surveillance, proper lighting, and even building maintenance. If you are in the market for a new commercial space, apartment, or condo, then keep the above points in mind so that you can make a selection based on safety and security.

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