These Microsoft Excel Add-Ons Let You Do More With Spreadsheets

Fly through your Excel sheets with help.

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Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful tool for organizing, analyzing, and manipulating data. But it’s only as useful as its user is knowledgeable in how to use it. Few of us are true Excel experts who have committed all the formulas and functions that Excel is capable of to memory. That’s why FormulaDesk Studio exists. 

FormulaDesk Studio bundles three top add-ons for Excel: FormulaDesk Navigator, FormulaDesk Math, and FormulaSpy. These add-ons help you navigate Excel’s functions and give you even more functionality, including auditing and understanding formulas, managing styles and formatting, multi-row and vertical sheet tabs, and even more math.

First up, FormulaDesk Navigator lets you see all of your sheets at once in a multi-line display. You can filter and sort sheet tabs, display sheet tabs along the bottom or top of an Excel window, edit multiple sheets at once, quickly switch between sheets, and more. You can even export filtered views for more precise analysis.

Second, FormulaDesk Math lets you choose how referenced cells in a formula are displayed. You can document your formulas by adding live equations to your worksheet, plot formulas instantly, and copy or save equations to paste elsewhere into Excel, Word, or other Microsoft Office applications.

Last but not least, FormulaSpy is the ultimate tool for anyone working frequently with formulas. With this tool, you can visualize and troubleshoot Excel formulas instantly to pinpoint and fix errors. You can find issues in a tree-view for easy navigation and examine all of the styles used in your Excel file in one simple view. That way, you can mass remove custom styles, blank rows, and columns, and clean up your sheets quickly.

If you want more out of Excel, FormulaDesk Studio is one of the quickest ways to get there. Normally $99, you can get it now for $29.99.

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