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Will Islamic Clothes Suit Your Baby?

New Moms to be are excited and nervous at the same time. They keep thinking about what the baby will look like, how will he or she act and most of all whether she will be a good mother for the baby or not. All these fears and anxieties are natural and completely normal for women dealing with pre-baby preparations. Once the baby arrives though, all fears are quelled and dissipate as the mother holds her precious little child in her arms. That said it is important to be prepared before the baby’s arrival so that all the time can be focused solely on the baby instead of being worried about running to the stores in search of necessary daily items. For a Muslim mom, Islamic clothes are one of the biggest necessities that she needs to stock up on before the well awaited baby arrives.

Islamic clothes for children are readily available throughout the UK today, with large selections to choose from for both boys and girls. Logoed body suits, sleepwear with Islamic slogans, bibs and washcloths with cute emblems, caps and mitten with matching sayings, personalized blankets with baby’s name embroidered on it all make up the basics of a Muslim baby’s wardrobe. These articles of Islamic clothes are a great way of expressing to the world that the new baby is a member of the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

My friend who is about to bring a little baby into the world in a few more weeks went shopping for Baby Hijab Islamic clothes with me, and we found the cutest little outfits in blue, pink, white, yellow and green with adorable Islamic sayings on them. These little outfits were so endearing that they were hard to resist and made us wonder as to why they were not available when we used to belittle kids. A few had serious mottos like “Heaven is under my Mummy’s feet”, “I’ll wake you up for Fajr”, “Having faith keeps me safe”, “Mini Muslim”, “I only eat Halal”. Others had humorous jingles like “Sabr is not my strongest quality, feed me QUICK!” “An Ayah a day keeps Shaytan away” and “Oops I broke my wudu”.

These little sayings and catchphrases were very attractive and a perfect way to blend Islamic clothes with all other clothes. They can make up a complete wardrobe of a little Muslim or Muslimah Hijab and are also an entertaining and great way to tell the world that these children belong to families that are avid followers of Islam. So next time all the new Muslim mom’s to be are in search of Islamic Clothes be sure to visit Muslim stores for babies and get a handful of these fun yet practical clothes for the love of your life!

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